Slide & Smile Christmas Jolly

“Slide & Smile Christmas Jolly ( former Genial Santa Claus 2 – the Christmas Cards)” is an innovative winter holidays themed sliding puzzle with match 3 mechanics.

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Mixing Sliding puzzles and match 3 mechanics results in a totally new fun and challenging experience.   First 5 levels are very slow, to introduce the player to the new game mechanic, while gradually uncovering new game features.

How to Play:

Tap the cards to slide them into the empty space. This way you can arrange the cards so they match 3 in row. When this happens a new toy gets created. Santa Claus uses the toys to fulfill Christmas wishes, in return he gets smiles.
If Santa Claus has does not have the right toy at the right time the game ends.
The goal is to create enough toys for Santa Claus to fulfill all Christmas Wishes.

There are 366 Christmas missions to complete.
Get as many smiles as possible.
Fulfill all wishes to get 3 stars.


Coins appear in the game after level 3.
Each toy gives one coin. Each heart gives 10 coins.
Stars give the most coins:
1st star – number of smiles  * lvl
2nd star – number of smiles^2  * lvl
3rd star – number of smiles ^3 * lvl


3 points of energy are required to start a level.  At the end each star earned gives one point of energy back. 1 point of energy is restored in 10 minutes.


Upgrades are very important to succeed in the later game.
Upgrades are unlimited so if you have enough coins you can always buy another upgrade.

Many upgrades are based on chance instead of fixed return.  For example ‘Cardio’ upgrade increases the chance to start the mission with 1 life by 20%. When you reach 100% you always start the mission with 1 life and next upgrades will give a probability to start the game with 2 lives etc.

Happy Play!

amazon200x65 appstore200x65 Play Slide & Smile Christmas Jolly on Android

3 thoughts on “Slide & Smile Christmas Jolly”

  1. Un joc foarte bun de Craciun!
    La noi toata familia se joaca.
    Mos Craciun e foarte bine desenat!

    Succes voua baeti!

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